The Internet Is Showing An Outpouring Of Support For This Sad Grandpa

Northeastern State University student Kelsey Harmon took to Twitter this week to post this very sad photo of her Papaw, who had cooked hamburgers for his apparently very ungrateful five other grandchildren who could not be bothered to show up. Not even for Papaw and hamburgers! While it seems as though Kelsey is throwing her cousins under the bus (who may or may not deserve it), she insists that she simply wanted to send a reminder to those still lucky enough to have grandparents to appreciate them while you can.

Still, her words and photo really struck a chord, and the outpouring for Papaw on the internet was swift, with the photo drawing over 50,000 rewteets and nearly 100,000 “likes” less than 24 hours after posting, as well as endless heartfelt and funny responses like these:

Might I suggest throwing a ginormous barbecue for Papaw, kind of like the British dancing man who got body shamed on the internet but then finally got to have a huge dance party of his own? Papaw must know that we care about him! He is all of our Papaws!

IMPORTANT UPDATE! Another of Papaw’s grandchildren surfaces: