Peter Tomasi Answers A Few Questions About ‘Batman: Arkham Knight’

If you can’t wait for Batman: Arkham Knight, well, neither can we. Fortunately, while we’re waiting, DC is delivering a prequel to the game that lays out a few plot points and sets the tone for June’s big release. Even better, DC’s brought in a man who knows Batman backwards and forwards: Peter J. Tomasi, an editor and writer for Batman for decades. He took a brief moment to talk with us about the book and what to expect.

What’s it like working in a Batman universe outside of the comics? Any touches Rocksteady created you wish you had in the comics?

It’s just as fun and exciting, except the big difference is that since I’m the only one playing in the world of the game at the moment, all the toys are mine and I don’t have to worry about stepping on another writers toes by using certain heroes and villains. It keeps the logistics simple.

What did editing superhero comics teach you about writing superhero comics?

It taught me that character always comes first. If we don’t care about the people in the story we’re not gonna care about the action in the story that our heroes are going through.

Did you play the games at all before starting work on the comic? Did it affect your writing at all?

Absolutely. My son loves the games and we played quite a bit long before I got the call from Alex Antone at DC to write the series. And once I started writing, the rich world of the games informed my writing of the series immediately. I’m trying to make sure that the series is accessible to Batman fans of the comics and the games, and dropping in some Easter Eggs for the gamers to enjoy as we go.

What hints can you give us about what’s coming on Arkham Knight?

Well, Arkham Knight will be seen in the first chapter as he spills some blood on a rooftop and from there we’ll see Batman doing his best under extreme conditions to help Gotham get back on its feet the only way he knows how, which is kicking serious ass and keeping Gothamites safe from the preying hands of the freaks and bad guys!

The first chapter is out today, with new chapters arriving every Friday.