This Woman Spent 2013 Recreating The Selfies Of The Mustachioed Stranger Who Has Her Long Lost iPhone

Danielle Bruckman hasn’t had her iPhone since last New Year’s Eve. She’s not sure if she lost it or if it was stolen — funny how elusive New Year’s Eve memories can be — but she does know that the man in possession of it now has a killer mustache. That’s because the phone is still syncing to Apple’s iCloud, so now Danielle receives copies of every photo he takes. And he takes a lot of selfies.

Determined to make something fun out of the unfortunate loss of her phone, Danielle started My Cloud Pal (“one woman’s journey, through another man’s selfies”), a blog where she attempts to recreate — mustache and all — some of his most ridiculous shots. The results have been hilarious, and over time she’s actually developed a special one-sided bond with her device’s new owner, as she recently told Buzzfeed:

“He somehow grew on me and I actually enjoy getting his updates and see it as a window to peer into his daily life. In a way, it’s a selfie diary of sorts and now I can paint a more full picture of this man’s life. As of now I have over 250+ photos (almost all are selfies), many of his contacts, I know where he works, and that he went on diet this year ( props buddy, from the selfies we know he totally lost weight).”

Here are some of the best shots she’s recreated during the first of (hopefully) many years sharing the cloud with her magnificently mustachioed cloud pal.

Source: My Cloud Pal via Buzzfeed