Iron Man In ‘Grand Theft Auto IV’ Is The Best Iron Man Game Ever

Iron Man! The guy’s been in plenty of good movies, but his history with video games hasn’t been so stellar, which is kind of weird. I mean, he’s a guy in a metal outfit that flies around shooting lasers — that’s the kind of thing that usually works in video games.

But hey, it’s not like Iron Man’s never been in a good video game. For instance, there’s a mod that lets you can play as Iron Man in Grand Theft Auto 4, and as is so often the case with GTA4 mods, it’s both ridiculous and kind of wonderful. Hit the jump for a video featuring Tony Stark getting his GTA on…

Hmmm, I know it’s too late for Iron Man 3, but “I’m so rich and stupid” really should be the tag line for Iron Man 4.

via Destructoid