How This 2013 Subway Super Bowl Commercial Is Now Coming Back To Haunt Jared Fogle

In the above commercial, which ran nearly three years ago during the 2013 Super Bowl, a handful of athletes, as well as Brian Baumgartner from The Office wish Jared Fogle congratulations on having reached a very important milestone in his weight loss history. But knowing what we know now, seeing Fogle sitting in front of a Subway sandwich adorned with sparklers and a big “15” candle to mark 15 years of keeping the weight off has more than a touch of irony. Of course, Fogle received 15 years in prison Thursday on child pornography and sex charges, which he tried to blame on his weight loss sandwiches.

Looking at the commercial in this new context makes Jared Fogle’s “15 years” party… well, still only the second most all-time depressing party involving Subway sandwiches.

(Via Reddit)