Is Jessica Jones a Ready For Primetime Player?

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12.21.10 2 Comments

Hey, remember when Brian Michael Bendis inserting “Um…” into every sentence…with an ellipsis…was considered innovative? In comics? Because that was how…you know…people who don’t talk to people on a regular basis…dweebs…think other people…talk? OK, this isn’t working without the word balloons, but you get the idea.

Yes, Brian Michael Bendis’ “Alias”, under the new title “AKA Jessica Jones”, is apparently headed to TV screens across the country where a plot might actually finish itself in a reasonable timeframe. As you might have guessed, I’m not a fan, partially because Bendis is to blame for a lot of stuff in modern comics I absolutely hate, and because “Alias” was one of the most profoundly overrated (and unintentionally creepy, what with Bendis writing what amounted to creepy cross-gender Mary Sue fanfic rife with misogyny issues) comics to ever hit the stands.

Ironically, I think because of that, this show is going to do gangbusters. It’s going to be “The Shield” crossed with a Lifetime movie. That’s the kind of combo that destroys worlds. Good thinking, Marvel!

[ via the broken heroes at io9 ]

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