Is “Lollipop Chainsaw” The Buffy Game We’ve Always Wanted?

I don’t know who had the insane idea to put James Gunn and Suda 51 in the same room, let alone have them make a game together, but they are madmen. Glorious, glorious madmen.

“Lollipop Chainsaw” has the complex, subtle plot we’ve come to expect from the guy who gave us “Slither”: a cheerleader in a skimpy outfit runs around with a chainsaw/grenade launcher combo and kills zombies in the most athletic/titillating way possible. So far, the gameplay itself looks pretty straightforward: pretty much hack and slash. That said, this is Suda 51; he’s got something insane up his sleeve.

Meanwhile, Gunn wrote the story. Gunn, for those unfamiliar, really did work his way up the totem pole: he started at Troma and last did “Super”, a movie we heartily approve of. It’s nice that this game puts its influences right up front, although we really hope the one-liners improve.

Check out the trailer, which sadly lacks her boyfriend (a disembodied head), after the jump.

[ via the suckers at io9 ]