Is Smoking Alcohol To Lose Weight The New Butt Chugging?

No, it’s not. But we haven’t written about butt chugging in awhile, which is a damn shame. Anyway, Broderic Allen, a.k.a. Ballen and/or B.A., is an aspiring Dallas-based rapper, but as the Dallas Observer reports, he’s not in the news because of his music; it’s because he “smokes his liquor” (Smokey Liquor is a great rap alias).

It’s simple, really, as Allen demonstrated for San Diego’s Fox affiliate. He simply puts dry ice and liquor in a cup, then inhales the vapor. From the lungs the alcohol goes straight to the bloodstream, thus bypassing the stomach and avoiding the calories that typically come from getting drunk. (Via)

And calories are why Allen took up this non-chugging method of drinking alcohol. At one point, he weighed 285 pounds, and “I was looking at myself in the mirror, turned my head to the side and leaned forward and my breasts sat on my stomach.” Thing is, you might lose weight (and boobs) smoking booze, but you could also die.

It damages the lungs, and with no digestive system mediating the transfer of alcohol to the bloodstream, it’s much easier to get alcohol poisoning. Also, as an expert cited by the Daily Mail notes, when people decide to smoke alcohol, it “draws into question their judgment and impulse control.”

Allen’s response: “I figure, you know, I can have my cake and eat it, too.” Can you smoke cake…?