Is the New Riddick Movie Broke?

I may have been alone in sincerely loving “The Chronicles of Riddick”. Oh, it’s got huge flaws: Karl Urban and Thandie Newton are a wood and cheese sandwich. But the sheer ridiculous scope, the attempt to make the greatest space opera Robert E. Howard never wrote, was absolutely thrilling. Also, if you only saw it in theaters: find the director’s cut, it’s about a thousand times better. Still flawed, but engaging nonetheless.

So it’s kind of disappointing to hear that the crew on the third movie, which Vin Diesel ate a pay cut to make, who haven’t been paid in weeks, just got locked out of their studio, which apparently also has not been paid in weeks. This is while they’re searching for cast members, who we’re assuming will also not be paid for weeks.

I really hope this either isn’t what it sounds like (namely, that the production is flat broke) or if it is, that it gets resolved quickly. io9 thinks we should do a Kickstarter…I’ve got to admit, I’d be willing to chip in ten bucks.

[ via the Furyans at io9 ]