Is Warner Brothers About to Ruin Everything DC Comics?

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09.20.10 3 Comments

New! From the executive meddling that brought you “Lex Luthor has stolen forty cakes!” Warner Brothers being more active in DC Comics!

I freely admit my skepticism is purely preliminary, but you have to worry when executives, especially film executives, use words like “entrepreneurial”, which is generally code for “Imma gonna strip mine this intellectual property!” With “Harry Potter” wrapping up, Warners needs new franchises, and apparently they’re going whole hog on DC. Apparently an org-chart reshuffling is in the works, but the important bit hits next month: a spreadsheet detailing what exactly Warners is going to do with our beloved…well, Batman, but presumably they’re going to do stuff with Superman and Wonder Woman too, and probably tap into the back bench. And it’s not limited to movies, either, so fans might finally get that Martian Manhunter stage musical they’ve been clamoring for for years.

I could see this going right in a few ways; to this point, DC and Warners have actually made smart decisions. Largely they’ve stuck to Vertigo and those adaptations, while very Hollywood, have at least been faithful to the spirit of the books (anybody saying they didn’t laugh at Constantine flipping off Satan while being pulled into Heaven is a liar). And Batman’s been doing great, once they kept David Goyer away from the actual screenplay. Hell, “Green Lantern” looks more and more like it’s been properly done, which is saying something considering all the ways to screw that up (remember the Jack Black “Mask”-type comedy that was nearly a done deal?

Then again, this is also the studio that’s kept “Smallville” on for a decade. Skepticism towards their ability to handle these franchise is, how do I put this, sane.

[ via Hollywood Reporter ]

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