These Three Women Scammed ISIS Out Of Thousands Using Social Media

If ISIS spent more time deleting Nigerian prince e-mails and less time being the world’s worst people, they would have known they were being scammed by three Chechen women, who suckered the terrorist organization out of $3,300. ISIS reached out to the ladies through social media, a common recruiting tacit, and they agreed to meet under the pretense that they would use any donated funds to travel to Syria and fight for The Cause.

The thing about that is

The only obstacle was the lack of travel money, which the recruiters were often willing to provide. Once the money was sent via anonymous electronic transfers, the swindlers would simply cash the money and delete the social-media account used in the con. (Via RT)

The scam worked for awhile, but they were eventually caught by a “Chechen police E unit specializing in monitoring online activities for evidence of crimes.” They’re now being investigated for fraud, which is still less terrifying than if they had actually gone to Syria. As one of the women said, “Many people I know did go, but I know no one for whom it turned out well.”

(Via RT)