Plus-Sized Model Iskra Lawrence Had The Best Response To Being Called ‘Fat’

It feels like far too long since we revisited Iskra Lawrence (shown on the left with her mother), a model who is considered “plus sized” to the shock of her many fans. Iskra works hard at the gym and doesn’t deprive herself of occasional goodies, but because she’s not stick thin, the fashion industry can’t cope. Iskra stays active on social media with her Instagrammed workouts playing to many thousands of fans. Her photos are popular not only because she’s ebullient and lovely, but because she refuses to post airbrushed or filtered images. Iskra is proud of her cellulite, and she owns it all with the #unretouched hashtag.

This model can often be seen dancing for joy in between Aerie swimsuit gigs. Otherwise, she’s simply a positive person, and she takes criticism in stride by obliterating rude people without a word. Well, she uses some fine captions, which are designed as a collective, public response against all body shamers. Some online commenter called Iskra a “fat cow” and left remarks about McDonald’s and potato chips. So, she whipped up two glorious responses. This first one — an American Beauty parody with chip bags and one arm buried deep in the good stuff — is both beautiful and hilarious to behold.

The next photo response is more profane, but the caption dishes out more justice. Are you ready? Here’s Iskra’s slo-mo take on body shamers.

Let’s revisit what Iskra’s been doing lately with a few photos until next time.

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