This Plus-Sized Model Dances For Joy Alongside Her Industry-Busting Unretouched Photos

In November, the internet discovered the gloriously unretouched photos of Iskra Lawrence. She’s a stunning 25-year-old from England who is somehow considered by the fashion world to be plus-sized. Iskra is believed to be too small for many traditionally plus-sized gigs. Yet she’s too “big” to be a high fashion model, so she dons very little clothing and a whole lot of crop tops, swimsuits, and lingerie. Iskra did a little dance in this video to express joy at her continued success in the face of silly standards.

On the night of the uneventful Victoria’s Secret fashion show, Iskra had a lot to be pleased about. She took to Twitter and celebrated the lack of retouching on her new Aerie campaign.

Iskra’s expressing her love for the company that lets her be herself. And that self is a fit woman who spends a lot of time at the gym, but doesn’t starve or airbrush herself into unrecognizable territory. Iskra loves the #unretouched hashtag and refuses to succumb to digital fakery. Indeed, Iskra posted an unretouched booty shot (although she’s done so before in shadow). Though the tush may distract, Iskra’s spirit still shines though. She’s always smiling, and her confidence remains the main attraction. Here’s the caption for her latest “belfie”:

“Oh hey there.. Yes this is clearly a booty pic but do you see why? Because I haven’t airbrushed my tiger stripe stretch marks or my cellulite lightening bolts ️ or my back fat because this is my body, I love it it’s real and I love posting pictures showing how confident I am because society has taught us we have ‘flaws’ and I’m telling you who gives a.. Because you are more than your body and you get to decide what beauty is️.”

Iskra maintains that her flaws render her flawless and “imperfectly perfect,” and she is correct. Iskra has many other unretouched photos to share, and maybe a little more dancing. Cheers!