A Snake Bit An Israeli Man’s Penis While He Was Taking A Leak

07.15.13 6 years ago 5 Comments

As if aiming, worrying about kidney stones, and being on the look out for alligators wasn’t enough, there’s now a new thing for men to freak out about when they’re peeing: snakes. It’s not OK.

Reports the Daily Mail: “A man was rushed to a hospital after a snake bit his penis while he was relieving himself, according to hospital officials in Israel.” Billy Crystal is already preparing From the Apple to the Toilet: When Jews Met Snakes for a Christmas 2014 release.

The man, 35, of northern Israel was bitten on Friday after the snake suddenly appeared from inside the toilet.

The man suffered minor injuries from the bite; fortunately the snake was not venomous.

The man told emergency workers it happened after he went to the toilet to relieve himself and suddenly felt a strong burning sensation in his penis.

One of the paramedics said the man told him he has seen the snake and it was very small. (Via)

“It sure is,” replied every one of the man’s various girlfriends over the years. “It sure is.”

(via Getty Image) (Via Daily Mail)

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