Pennywise Leaves Derry To Fight Gotham City’s Caped Crusader In This Slick ‘Batman’ Meets ‘It’ Fan Trailer

For all the chatter about that gritty 80s Scorsese-endorsed Joker movie speeding down the track, it’s nice to know that Batman seems spoiled for options when it comes to dealing with horrifying murder clowns. A slick, sly and fun fan trailer from Adeel of Steel suggests that a Batman doing battle with Pennywise wouldn’t be a half-bad way to spend a few hours. After all, it’s not like Bruce Wayne is some sort of evil clown monogamist.

The fan trailer nestled above weaves together clips of It villain Pennywise and 2016’s Batman V Superman. Instead of Ben Affleck fighting with Superman between haunted brooding moments, he gets the task of fighting supernatural evil. Neither job sounds like fun to be honest, but it is a lot of fun to see this marquee fight teased. Plus, there’s a handy bit that reminds you that because Bruce Wayne was not a fan of his parents being murdered as a kid and he’s got a soft spot for making sure children aren’t facing pure hell ahead of them.

There aren’t too many curveballs in the trailer (nice to see Lex Luthor again) and that’s perfectly fine. Bruce Wayne and Pennywise aren’t going to get in the Octagon in Las Vegas or anything. A fun fan clip presenting a Batman/It matchup is everything we need.

(Via io9)