Italian ‘Ghostbusters’ Fan Builds Note-Perfect Set Replica

Not everybody feels the need to rebuild a basement from a movie in exacting detail. Clearly, the Italian Ghostbusters fan known as Guusc72 is not most people.

The man in question built a detailed replica of the basement in Ghostbusters right down to the walls because… well, he’s active in the Italian Ghostbusters fan club, and this is apparently a good way to get the message out.

What’s impressive is all the time he spent on this, and it’s a lot more than a collection of props and plumbing parts. If you press buttons, everything will react exactly as it does in the movie, and make the same sound effects. The basement set has a “destruct mode”:

To give you an idea of how accurate it is, here’s a side-by-side comparison:

OK, impressive. Now, can you guys hire Ray Parker, Jr. to perform at the booth? Because that’s really the only thing that could make this more perfect.