It’s a Namco Bandai Blowout — New Trailers for Star Trek, Ni No Kuni, Tekken Tag Tournament 2 and Dragon Ball Z Kinect

Poor Namco Bandai — of all the major Japanese publishers, they seem to receive the least, well, anything. They don’t absorb as much criticism as more controversial companies like Capcom, Konami or Square-Enix, but they also don’t get as much attention either. They just sort of putter along under the radar.

For instance, did you know Namco Bandai recently held their big 2012 Global Gamers Day event? Well, they did, and they actually announced some pretty damn interesting stuff. Among the games coming from Namco Bandai over the next year-or-so — a Star Trek title that acts as a prequel to the upcoming 2013 J. J. Abrams Trek movie, a North American localization of the beautiful looking Studio Ghibli RPG Ni no Kuni, and of course more Tekken and One Piece games.

You can check out trailers for Namco Bandai’s upcoming line-up after the jump…

Well, that certainly didn’t look anything like Star Trek. Don’t get me wrong, it could be a good game — it’s being developed by Digital Extremes who have worked on solid stuff like Bioshock 2, The Darkness 2 and Dark Sector — it just didn’t look anything like Star Trek aside from that half-second shot of a guy in a yellow shirt.

I want this. Really f–king bad.

Are Tekken games fun on a home console? I don’t know, I’ve only ever played Tekken in arcades. They’re great in the arcade because they’re all about just mashing buttons together and making combos, but I feel like that might get dull in long stretches at home. I’m probably totally wrong about that though. Anyways, as far as Tekkens go, this one looks good and Tekken-ey. Also that music on the trailer gives me hope we’re in for a bad soundtrack of truly epic proportions.

As far as licensed anime games go, this actually looks pretty damn rad.

Okay Namco Bandai, your Dragon Ball Z Kinect game looks kind of okay-ish, but where’s the dancing section? Are you just saving that for a big E3 reveal? You’d better be.

via GameRevolution & Playstation.Blog