It’s Emilia Clarke’s Birthday So Here Are A Bunch Of The Weird Faces Dany Makes On ‘Game Of Thrones’

A Game of Thrones fan noticed that if you freeze frame Dany’s face during one of her grand emancipation speeches you get a bunch of weird faces that you can juxtapose next to each other for all the internet to enjoy. And just in time for Emilia Clarke’s 27th birthday! Full size here.

I’m particularly a fan of Success Kid face in the upper right. Pump that fist Khaleesi! It’s your birthday.

If you feel like you know Emilia well enough that nothing will ever ruin the mother of dragons for you, feel free to take a look at this expressions GIF another Redditor added to the discussion. Warning: CANNOT be unseen.

Aaaand I’ll just let the comments take it from here.

via r/GameOfThrones