It's Finally Time To Probe Joe Dante's 'Hole'

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08.28.12 2 Comments

Joe Dante has gotten the shaft from Hollywood in recent years. Mostly I think that’s because Hollywood is awful. He’s actually been working mostly in TV for the past five years or so.

Partially that’s because his big comeback film, a 3D horror movie called The Hole, has been sitting on the shelf for three years.

I’m not sure why. It bagged an award at the Venice Film Festival and by all accounts was actually quite a good movie. Not exactly earth-shaking, but it apparently had a strong ’80s adventure vibe and was genuinely scary to go with that sense.

Well, after being released everywhere BUT America, it seems they’ve finally gotten around to it and it’ll be coming September 28th. And they also have a much better trailer!

Really, with Dante’s name on it, I’m seeing The Hole regardless of quality just because I want to support the guy. But it helps that this looks good, and has a creepy clown puppet. There aren’t nearly enough creepy clown puppets.

Also, I’m taking odds right now on that yappy little dog getting eaten.

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