It’s Nice To Be Rich: Selena Gomez Celebrated Her Birthday On A Billionaire’s Yacht With Cara Delevingne

Y’know, I’m thinking of giving this whole “being rich” thing a shot. Having lots of dough always seemed like such a blasted bore, but now that I know money = celebrating your birthday on a billionaire’s yacht with a bunny-loving model, well, now I’m rethinking everything. You’re an inspiration, Selena Gomez.

[Gomez] was joined by her gal pal, model Cara Delevingne. They reportedly spent the day on the new boat Ecstasea, which is owned by billionaire Alshair Fiyaz. Selena and Cara also posted photos on Instagram of themselves taking a helicopter ride and just having a blast together. (Via)

The only “blast” I know is the blast I put in the wall of the Old Navy when I needed a new pair of cargo shorts. I couldn’t afford to buy them, so I had to resort to stealing. Two people died that day…Anyway, here are some pictures of pretty people in bikinis doing pretty things. In bikinis.

Via Just Jared

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