New Study: Cat People Are Smarter Than Dog People

A new study has found that cat people are apparently smarter than dog people, according to a survey of 600 college students — which I feel like would kind of negate the results because college students are the dumbest of all people to begin with. Anyway, the study found that while dog people tend to be energetic and outgoing, and more likely to closely follow rules, cat people are more introverted, open-minded and sensitive. From LiveScience:

Part of the reason for the personality differences may be related to the types of environments cat or dog people prefer, said study researcher Denise Guastello, an associate professor of psychology at Carroll University in Waukesha, Wisconsin, who presented the findings here at the annual Association for Psychological Science meeting.

“It makes sense that a dog person is going to be more lively, because they’re going to want to be out there, outside, talking to people, bringing their dog,” Guastello said. “Whereas, if you’re more introverted, and sensitive, maybe you’re more at home reading a book, and your cat doesn’t need to go outside for a walk.”

I tend to be both a cat and dog person, and I’m a mix of both of these traits — so I guess maybe there could be something to it? But personally, I don’t think the results are complete until we see how smart people are who just like watching dumb cat videos on the internet.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go watch the “I’m a Stupid Cat” music video for like the five hundredth time.