People Are Roasting Ivanka Trump Over Her Apparent Disbelief At The ‘Level Of Viciousness’ In D.C.

News Editor
06.12.17 10 Comments

Ivanka Trump didn’t do much to ease criticisms of her so-called “complicit” stance on Monday morning’s edition of Fox and Friends. The special assistant to President Trump explained how she felt “blindsided” by a “level of viciousness” that she didn’t expect when entering D.C. life appearance. It was, as many noted, a rather tone-deaf statement after her father mounted an aggressive campaign against immigrants and habitually made statements that disrespected women — and especially his female opponent.

Ivanka has always led an insulated existence, so perhaps she really is surprised, but this is also the same person who rang in Memorial Day with champagne popsicles. Indeed, it’s hard to overlook not only the nepotism at hand but also Ivanka’s own willingness to ignore serious issues, such as how activists who investigated her clothing line’s Chinese sweatshop have gone missing. This is why folks can’t turn a blind eye to the “Most Powerful Jewish Woman” label, which has inspired laughs when it comes to the president’s eldest daughter. The same goes for her own assertions that she pushes back hard against her father when, clearly, Ivanka reaped no new perspective from her secret meeting with Planned Parenthood earlier this year.

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