Ivanka Trump And Marco Rubio Commented Upon Their Awkward Hug, And Now It’s Even More Uncomfortable

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06.21.17 13 Comments

On Tuesday, Ivanka Trump arrived on Capitol Hill to pitch her family leave initiative — as she promised during a Republican convention speech but did not exactly practice while working for the Trump Organization — alongside Republican senators that included Marco Rubio. As this photo from AP correspondent Erica Werner revealed, the initial moments of greeting were awkward (and people embraced this) between Ivanka and the Florida senator.

Naturally, this picture only captured a brief snippet of time, perhaps a microsecond. What came before and after may never be known, but many people imagined that Rubio acted like an overeager hugger while Ivanka couldn’t be bothered. This isn’t a fair reaction, but the Internet will always do its thing. And in that spirit, Rubio began to (defensively?) tweet about an imagined U.S. intelligence investigation into the “alleged failed hug.”

Ivanka weighed in too, but not before Rubio managed a feat that was more clumsy than the hug itself…

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