J.K. Simmons Says ‘Terminator: Genesis’ Is Probably Not That Bad

First things first: I just discovered J.K. Simmons is from Detroit, so everything he says is 100% accurate, Go Tigers.

Anyway, when he’s not busy being J. Jonah Jameson in everything, he’s filming an unspecified role in the upcoming Terminator: Genesis, which he assures Total Film is not really going to be as bad as the last two films:

“When it was initially sent to me I was interested but a little skeptical about the project itself. And I read the script and it’s a wonderful script – it’s really smart and it has comedy, and obviously brilliant action and the sci-fi aspect of it, which is not a genre I’ve really been involved in before.”

Not a genre he… what? How is that possible? Lemme go review his IMDb page right quick… Hunh. Unless you wanna count all the Marvel / Spider-Man stuff as sci-fi, he’s not lyin’.

His is apparently a smaller role, and secret, but “becomes more important” in subsequent sequels. Despite the cornucopia of character actors in this thing, Simmons assures us it’s not a hot mess:

“I went out to New Orleans a few weeks ago for pre-production, and I had a table read and it was very affirming that these actors and this script were really smart and fun and good.”

He wouldn’t answer whether or not he was playing a robot. How much fun would a killer J. Jonah Jameson robot be, though? I want an entire spinoff with just that. Or, a Farmer’s Insurance Adjuster-bot. YOU DO NOT HAVE COVERAGE FOR WIND DAMAGE, DESTROY!