Jack Donaghy For Mayor And The Best Of Fictional Character Political Posters

Alec Baldwin publicly flirted with the idea of running for mayor of New York City last week. I’m not saying there’s zero chance of this happening, but there’s zero chance of this happening. Tracy Morgan is more likely to run for governor of Vermont. You see, Baldwin just likes talking about running for office, and the rest of us like talking about Baldwin talking about running for office, so the story works without anyone actually taking it seriously. Kind of like your stepbrother’s UFC aspirations.
That’s why the “Jack Donaghy for Mayor” poster by artist Jon Defreest is so tremendous. Jack Donaghy is who we all really want running novelty New York City anyway, so why dance around it? Take the pressure off Baldwin and just run with the fictional character campaign angle. If it gains serious momentum I see no reason Baldwin can’t just assume office in character. Handshakefulness is all we can really ask for in our politicians nowadays anyway. You’re probably aware of the real life options.
Full version of the glorious Donaghy poster after the jump. And since I was regularly labeled an overachiever in grade school I put together a slideshow of the best fictional character political posters from the past for good measure. Add suggestions to the comments and if they don’t suck we’ll add them to the collection.

Source: Jon Defreest

Will Ferrell as W

Not fictional, but still awesome. Props to Cajun Boy for owning such a fine article of clothing.