Jadakiss Enlists Nipsey Hussle And Ne-Yo For ‘Ain’t Nothing New’

10.30.15 2 years ago 5 Comments

Some people thought J to the Mwah missed the mark with his first leaks from #T5DOA with songs like “Jason.” Thankfully, Jadakiss gets back to his bread and butter with street tales and allies like Nipsey Hussle and Ne-Yo to hold him down.

Flipping back to his classic demeanor over a soulful bounce, the raspiest member of the Lox carries the tune with his presence but gives enough breathing room for Nipsey to shine through with bars that could clearly have made his own album.

“If you had some smut on your name, you can’t grind
Over reputation and pride we gone die
When the police asked for the truth, I told lies
And when I finally got in this booth, my soul cried”

The radio can keep holding their breath and waiting for another “Knock Yourself Out” because Jason Phillips is busy fleshing out his discography with timeless street tunes that will knock the rearview mirror off the windshield when the bass hits.

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