Jaden Smith Is Currently All About Wearing Dresses And Buying ‘Girl’ Clothes

Apparently, Jaden Smith’s fashion choices are a big topic this weekend. Will Smith’s 16-year-old son has been spotted stepping out in a skirt, apparently making a statement if you listen to the folks writing about it.

The current fascination stems from some tweets and photos on Thursday when Smith was apparently clothes shopping.


You might think this is the first time he’s made some sort of stand against gender specific clothing, but it turns out he’s been at it since at least 2013. From People:

Smith has been flexible in fashion for some time, though, introducing gender-neutral tunics and skirts into his 2013 line of clothes for his own label, MSFTSrep. But his threads stretch well beyond ladies wear. He donned an Iron Man costume to hang out with friend Kylie Jenner in May 2013, then wore a pristine white Batman suit to attend the lavish Italian wedding of Jenner’s sister Kim Kardashian and Kanye West last May.

Did someone say gender neutral tunic!? Let me grab my lute and frolic to the store. Judging from the online reaction, several folks will be joining me.

It’s fine by me if Jaden Smith wants to wear a dress, kilt, slacks, or robe everywhere he goes. Make all the statements you want. Be brave. I’m still going think you’re working with a bag of air instead of a brain inside your head.

OK, maybe I’m wrong.

(Via People)

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