A Short Case For Jaden Smith To Be Dubbed ‘The Greatest Mind Of Our Age’ Based On His Tweets

There are a few things at work here that make me want to dub Jaden Smith as the “greatest mind of our age.” The first thing is that at only fifteen he’s dropping tweets and philosophy like he’s been in this world for a dozen lifetimes. For example:

I would call this a mic drop, but that would indicate that he’s done. Plus, upon closer inspection, you’ll see that Jaden wrote the tweet past the allotted character limit and then took a picture of it to post it as an image tweet. Pure genius is at work here.

He’s saying that his talent has no limits. No boundaries. He pulled a Superman fist out of nowhere and broke the glass ceiling into pieces. If James Franco doesn’t write a finely tuned essay about this kid in the coming months, I’ll be shocked. Shia LaBeouf should look at this, attempt not to steal it and then applaud a true master of his craft. Here are a few more examples:

My mind is blown. I’m going to go watch After Earth again and return to writing my comprehensive scene study for my thesis project. The world is going to need such a record.