Jafflechutes Will Deliver Grilled Cheese Sandwiches To You By Air

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05.06.14 4 Comments


First of all, yes, Australians call grilled cheese sandwiches “jaffles” because they hate accuracy. Secondly, yes, there are Australians who drop grilled cheese sandwiches on other Australians with parachutes. And now they’re going to drop them on Americans.

It is every bit as vomitously twee as it sounds, something the crowdfunding campaign does nothing to counteract:

We’re Melbourne’s first float-down eatery. A pop up float down. Catch and eat. Floateria. A gravity controlled melted cheese delivery mechanism.

For the last nine months we’ve been floating down toasted jaffles to hungry Melburnians in laneways across the CBD. Our goal? Create fun. Our motto? Always Yes.

Not enough twee? See if you can make it through this video:

You know, you read this and you start to wonder if maybe all those old people insisting forcible conscription into the military was a good idea don’t have a point. Anyway, somehow these people got $5000 to come to New York and throw sandwiches at Americans, so this summer, expect to see people in Brooklyn standing on an X, and have a grilled cheese floated down to them.

Oh, and yes, you get to keep the parachute. They’re lovingly handmade, just like the sandwiches, so, give them credit, at least they’re committing to the concept.

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