Jaguar’s Actual Ad Agency Sends Letter Of Consolation To Don Draper

04.19.12 2 Comments

While everyone remembers Lane Pryce gloriously beating the crap out of “grimy little pimp” Pete Campbell on Sunday’s episode of Mad Men, it’s easy to forget why it was that ole Lane had his knickers in such a wad in the first place: losing the Jaguar account.

Shockingly, this wasn’t a product placement situation — the people at Jaguar and their ad agency claim that they had no idea the automaker would play a role in the show. You may recall Don praising one of the cars: “I think a man getting out of a Jaguar needs a cold shower. The Jaguar XKE is pornographic.”

Well, this morning the agency that does represent Jaguar — Carrot Creative — posted a letter to Don Draper on their Tumblr.

Well played, Carrot Creative. Seems like just the type of thing SCDP would do.

(HT: Buzzfeed)

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