Social Media Star Jake Paul Parts Ways With Disney In The Aftermath Of His Ongoing Feud With His Neighbors

Jake Paul is already a pretty huge social media star thanks to his videos on YouTube and Vine, but he’s not getting some unwanted mainstream attention for his antics around his neighborhood in Los Angeles. Paul’s neighbors are reportedly “terrorized” by Paul and his crew performing stunts, lighting fires, and posting the address publicly so that members of the Jake Paul army can come and gawk at the house from the streets — with their parents in tow.

Paul is just out here dabbing on those haters and enjoying his success, all despite the fact that he and his Team 10 partners might face legal action from the neighborhood after several complaints. He’s an influencer and he’s a charted musician thanks to his song “It’s Everyday Bro.” It’s got that Disney channel flow according to Paul, or it did before he and the company parted ways on Saturday. Disney announced the split and it was confirmed by Paul shortly after:

It seems to be amicable and not related to anything controversial, but some are still comparing it to the situation between PewDiePie and the company — even though those reports are disputed online. For Paul, the timing of the split seems suspect given his new viral incident and possible litigation down the road. Bizaardvark is a series that only got its start last year and is currently right in the middle of its second season, likely forcing fans to wonder what will become of Dirk and his silly prank video show.

Paul will be fine, though. He’s got success, even if it is questionable, and doesn’t seem to be worried about much. He’s even got a small feud or some sort of beef with Post Malone and Ethan Klein of H3H3. Klein has posted videos about Paul and his brother Logan in the past, giving them some praise for being successful but also criticizing their attitude and punching up. They’re always pretty well reasoned, entertaining clips, but the latest involves Klein’s friend and hip-hop star Post Malone and a video that Paul uploaded featuring the rapper’s house and neighborhood.

Klein points out that Paul seems to be filming Malone without permission and also films the entirety of the home, accusing the “social influencer” of doxxing Post Malone.

If the entire Paul clan is now hurting your brain with all their shenanigans, you’re welcome to join the club. This is definitely one of those dividing lines between the young and the old. It’s like Jackass but wealthy and a bus load of teenage girls.

(Via Variety)