Jake Tapper Grew Emotional While Sharing A Video Of A Dying Wish From GOP Rep. Paul Mitchell

Much of Jake Tapper’s recent CNN airtime has been devoted to coverage of the Afghanistan debacle, but on Sunday, the anchor took time to air a dying wish from former Rep. Paul Mitchell (R-MI), who passed away about a week ago following a battle against cancer.

Mitchell, who spoke with Tapper from a hospice bed, expressed his desire to only have this interview aired following his death. The interview was an emotional one on both ends with the frequently (and necessarily) stoic Tapper expressing sadness over Mitchell’s terminal condition, and Mitchell (who retired in December 2020) making a plea for bipartisanship to finally happen, even as Democrats and Republicans find themselves increasingly at odds. It’s a phenomenon that isn’t new, although it’s clear that the pandemic has only exacerbated existing fissures with Mitchell noting (on the subject of vaccines), “It’s ‘I won’t talk to you.’ It’s breaking up families.”

“There’s value in people you don’t agree with. It’s easy to find people you agree with. There’s value in people that you may disagree with on something strongly, but it doesn’t inherently make them a bad person,” Mitchell further declared to Tapper. “Learn to understand people and judge less and love more and let’s have less hatred. It’s destroying our society.”

Sage words that will hopefully be heeded. Watch the video below.