Jalen Rose Pleads For Chris Webber To Attend Tonight’s National Title Game

04.08.13 6 years ago 20 Comments

Jalen Rose and Bill Simmons snuck away during the second half of yesterday’s Knicks/Thunder game to record an impromptu podcast on tonight’s national championship between Michigan and Louisville. And with the conversation centering around the Wolverines and potential championships, the topic soon shifted to The Fab Five’s most distant member, Chris Webber.

With Rose, Ray Jackson, Jimmy King and likely Juwan Howard in Atlanta (the home of Chris’ employer – Turner Sports – by the way) for the game, Jalen morphs into Keith Sweat basically begging C-Webb to momentarily push whatever grudges he may hold from “the timeout” to how the scandal played out for one night in support of the university which turned them all into modern day pop culture legends. Do I expect him to given everything which hit the fan over the years? No. Do I expect a Fab Five reunion before an OutKast reunion? If it doesn’t happen tomorrow, who knows when it will.

But believe me when I say this. Just the idea of potentially seeing Chris, Jalen, Juwan, Jimmy and Ray in the same building, at the same time, in the same picture (possibly) celebrating the moment they were were never afforded as freshmen and sophomores creates another added dynamic to tonight’s game. Make it happen, Chris. Swallow your pride for one night and don’t cheat yourself and (non-Ohio State) basketball fans everywhere out of this.

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