James Dyson Award Awards Lazy Walkers (Video)

07.07.10 9 years ago

For those of you unfamiliar, the terrifying floating head in the above banner picture belongs to Mr. James Dyson, our Nation’s 34th President that guy who manufactures $800.00 vacuums. Well, believe it or not, but this blowhard is also the founder of the James Dyson Award, a design contest that awards its winners with production funding. Sounds pretty cool, right? Well, not if you were unlucky enough to submit and lose to this year’s champion, Treadway Wearable Mobility or as history will recall the invention: the motorized club foot.

“Motorized shoes” is the short answer. They are lightweight, strap-on, wirelessly controlled (with a hand controller), lithium polymer battery powered, motorized shoe attachments. Treadways are worn on each foot and can be plugged in at any outlet to be recharged. They are designed specifically to traverse the Last Mile to facilitate access to public transportation and to be a more appropriate form of mobility for around town errands than a car would be. [jamesdysonaward.com]

Have you ever actually walked to public transportation? That last mile to the bus stop is always the most terrifying, easily. It’s the last distance that stands between the crazies and their ride. I’m sorry, but now I’m supposed to strap a motorized heel to my foot and not expect a violent reaction from neighboring pedestrians?! I don’t know, maybe I’m overreacting…then again, I doubt you’re the one who almost got their foot cut off over a pair of LA Lights.

Video below the cut:

Crotch thrust to SlashGear for the tip.

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