Japan Develops Gesture-Controlled Robot Arm, America Develops Jealousy

12.17.10 8 years ago

It’s just not fair, Japan gets all the brains and the cool haircuts.

Remember that scene in Disney’s Fantasia where that terrifying demon is scaring the sh*t out of everybody Mickey is using his hands like some orchestra conductor, controlling all those mops and buckets? Well, this story is kind of like that only minus the cartoon characters and occult undertones. Let me explain…

The genius minds over at Japan’s Tsukuba University have developed a technology that allows users to control a robotic arm and hand using nothing other than their own physical movements. Via two cameras, the robot measures the movements, orientation and position of a human’s hand, up to 100 times every second. More impressive is that the recent development also allows the robot arm to analyze the shape of an individual’s hand, allowing an almost real-time reaction from the robot: you clench a fist and automatically the robot begins to close its own hand; you move your arm to the left and point, the robot arm swings over and points too; you pantomime like you’re masturbating, the robotic arm…well, you get the idea.

It’s pretty awesome technology that someday could even make its way into future medical labs and/or pornography shops. Right now the team is working to adapt their technology for use with 3D interfaced smart phones, to which I say, “you guys don’t need to try so hard, you had me at ROBOT ARM.”

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And…I once caught a fish THIS BIG:

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