Japanese Burger Kings Are Selling All-Red Burgers That Will Haunt Your Dreams

Japanese Burger Kings can’t stop scaring the crap out of their customers. You may remember the Kuro Burger, which had a black bun, black cheese, and featured squid sauce. The colorful sandwich was obviously popular, though, because the fast food giant is releasing a horrifying sequel to its Japanese customers… an all-red burger.

The sandwich, known as the Aka Samurai Burger (“aka” means red in Japanese), will be available in a chicken and beef version.

Ingredients of the burger will include a red bun (colored with tomato powder), red cheese, and some sort of new condiment called “Angry Sauce.” The sauce will be loaded with chili powder, which would seem to be more palatable than the Kuro’s squid goo.

If you can get past the appearance of this thing, this spicy little nightmare may not end up tasting all that bad.

(Via MetroFacebook)