Japanese Fans Have Spoken And They Think The New Godzilla Is Too Fat

No one can ever just be happy to have giant monsters back on the big screen. It seems that the Japanese have finally gotten a good look at the newest version of Godzilla and the verdict is not a good one. From The AV Club:

“He’s so fat, I laughed,” wrote one user at Japanese forum 2ch, who’s clearly never felt the sting of sizeist comments from the people he’s crushing. “That’s what happens when all you do is eat and lay around,” wrote another, once again perpetuating hurtful stereotypes about radioactive ocean monsters.

Dozens more continued to pile on, all contributing to a culture that has created an unattainable body image our giant lizards can never reach unless they starve themselves—some eating as little as one city a day. Many more are driven to bulimia, gorging themselves on villagers just to puke them up later in a spew of shame and fire.

Look, this is clear size discrimination on the part of Japanese society. No doubt. Not only is this the largest version of Godzilla ever put to film, this is also a new age. Curves are in and that includes for giant monsters.

The whole thing just smells like kaiju elitism to me. If they don’t like this one, they should be forced to watch the 1998 version over and over again until their minds are changed.

Is it any wonder the beast wants to destroy Tokyo every time he awakens from his slumber? The whole island is full of a bunch of judgmental creeps hiding behind piles of used ladies undergarments.

(Via The AV Club)