Jared Fogle’s Alleged Job In Prison Could Not Be More Rich With Irony

Jared Fogle
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Given that Jared Fogle is currently housed in a low security prison facility, it only makes sense that he would eventually be made gainfully employed along with the rest of the inmates. And according to TMZ, Fogle could not be more perfectly suited to his prison job. (Well, until life takes inspiration from Orange is the New Black, anyway.)

Until recently, Fogle was reportedly serving up sandwiches in the prison cafeteria! Oh, the irony. It is much, much more delicious than whatever mystery meat is in prison bologna.

We’ve learned the former Subway pitchman was assigned cafeteria duties at Federal Correctional Institution Englewood. His principal duty was serving sandwiches at the end of the line. Our sources say prison officials were privately giggling over the irony.

After his recent prison yard beating, however, Fogle was supposedly moved from the inmate cafeteria and now presides over the correctional officers’ cafeteria, where he serves higher-end food such as steak. While that may temporarily shield him from abuse, it’s probably not going to help out much with his newfound “teacher’s pet” status which is apparently making him the ire of many of the other inmates. At this point, though, it seems like whatever happens to him in prison will probably be a lose-lose situation.

(Via TMZ)

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