Jared Kushner Proves He Has A Voice By Speaking Publicly For The 1st Time Since Who Knows

Jared Kushner spoke today. He did so publicly, and people have taken notice. Naturally, they’re doing so in a somewhat sarcastic way, but for real, has anyone here ever listened to this man say actual words before? He does many things, like jetting off to Iraq at a moment’s notice, sparring with Steve Bannon over globalism, and hanging with the Russians to the point where he tried to open a backchannel. And he’s now retooling his legal team to add criminal attorneys regarding ongoing investigations. Jared presumably talks to all of these people, so why hasn’t the public heard him do so before now?

It’s a dumb question, yes. Kushner claims many descriptors — husband to Ivanka, son-in-law to Donald, real-estate titan, and former publisher. He also apparently does a lot at the White House. Not only is he a senior advisor, but he’s an international man of intrigue who hopes to help broker Middle East peace talks. As far as his voice goes, he’s appeared in a few video profiles for magazines, but nothing like Monday’s event.

As part of his duties leading the new White House “SWAT Team” to overhaul the federal government (into something resembling the private sector), Kushner addressed corporate executives while decrying the sad state of affairs for government technology. And to be honest, not many people who listen to the above clip will absorb any of its content. It’s more about the marvel of hearing Jared speak for the first time. Even MSNBC called these his “first public remarks.”

It’s a milestone, but is this what you expected to hear? He sounds … younger than his 36 years. People are both shocked and somewhat disappointed because, somehow, they want more. Still, these reactions are fun.

What will Jared do next … or even more exciting, what won’t he do?