Jason Alexander Lived Out A ‘Seinfeld’ Plot In Real Life After Meeting His Mannequin Look-Alike

Seinfeld fans will likely remember the episode where Elaine Benes encounters a clothing store mannequin that looks strangely similar to her — the results of a creepy admirer from a prior episode taking his infatuation to a professional level. It led to some funny situations for the mannequin, a kidnapping by Elaine, and an eventual run-in with Kramer. It’s a classic and now life has imitated it to haunt Jason Alexander.

George Costanza himself ran into a mannequin that he thought looked a lot like him — though if you squint it could be confused for Danny DeVito as Frank Reynolds. He posted a picture to Twitter, possibly creating the latest cursed image on the site, and really you can’t blame him for thinking it hits a little too close to home:

Nobody wants to be stripped down and put on display in a clothing store, especially when the model ends up looking like that. That said, it’s a treat for Seinfeld fans and they took notice for some nice reactions to Alexander’s photo.

It’s all good fun, but I would be a little worried about what is going on with the mannequin’s feet. As you can see here, it made an appearance back in 2014 apparently, proving it is a model that gets around and it seems to have a problem with its toes:

It could either be another DeVito connection thanks to Batman Returns and the Penguin or something could be very wrong in the mannequin community. Either way, it’s a good excuse to go back and enjoy some Seinfeld. Let’s just hope this one doesn’t end up the same type of sensitive positions as Elaine’s does on the show.