Jason Momoa Takes The ‘Salt Bae’ Meme To The Next Level

One of the first memes of 2017 was “Salt Bae.” Turkish chef Nusret Gökçe became an overnight sensation when a video of him sprinkling an Ottoman steak with salt went viral. But unlike the rest of us, he sprinkled salt with flair. It only took two days for the video to garner over 2 million views and thus, Salt Bae was born.

Now Jason Momoa (Aquaman, Game of Thrones) is taking Salt Bae to its logical conclusion: rock climbing while shirtless. If you follow Momoa’s Instagram — even casually — you know he has a love of climbing, so much so that he’s gotten his kids into it as well. And he’s pretty good at it. Rock climbing is a full body workout that focuses on your arms, back, and calves. Clearly muscle groups that Momoa has worked hard on, making him look like Spider-Man on normal climbing equipment. So, looking for a new challenge, the Justice League actor installed some brain slugs masquerading as high difficulty spheroids and sprinkled them with a dusting of powder that would make the original Salt Bae proud.

But Momoa doesn’t stop there. Why pay homage to one meme when you can pay homage to two? Once the actor starts climbing, the challenge becomes obvious. If you’ve ever exerted yourself, you know the easiest way to get stronger is to scream your rage until your muscles obey you out of terror. But in Momoa’s case, he also ends up sounding like a screaming goat. A sexy screaming goat. Words I never thought I’d write, and you never thought you’d read.