Jay-Z’s ’99 Problems’ Recreated With Movie Clips

I saw this at the beginning of the week but it was on some bunk player that looked impossible to format and I had Nic Cage related non-news to cover so I passed on it. But now that it’s on Vimeo in pristine quality, it must be shared, if not for any other reason simply for the sheer amount of time and research Eclectic Method must have put in to create it. Over/under 36 hours. They might as well have been working on FleshOfTheStars.com.

Unfortunately — unlike ‘Ni**as in Midnight in Paris’ — it’s not the sort of thing you can rewatch over and over again due to the lack of flow, but the inlaid text does make it fun to screengrab, even if doing so officially makes Bob Saget my arch nemesis.

Source: Eclectic Method