New Jeb Bush Attack Ad Imagines A Dancing Marco Rubio, And It’s Horrifying

Attack ads are one of the best and worst things about the presidential election season. Republican front-runner Donald Trump‘s campaign has excelled in producing Instagram videos aimed at his opponents, but what about everyone else? What have they contributed to the tried-and-true tradition of terrible political commercials? Enter Right to Rise, a Super PAC supporting former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush’s efforts to continue the Bush family tradition.

Per Gawker, Right to Rise posted a gloriously awful music video for “These Boots Are Made For Flippin'” — a parody of Nancy Sinatra’s 1966 classic, “The Boots Are Made For Walkin’.” For almost a full minute and a half, a pair of legs and hips dressed in a suit and nice shoes dances back and forth across the screen. Meanwhile, the rewritten lyrics are displayed at bottom — you know, just in case viewers wanted to sing along.

The ad serves as yet another attack against junior Florida Sen. Marco Rubio, a former political ally of Bush’s who is also running for president. The two have sparred before, but the Bush campaign seems hellbent on undermining the younger Republican’s efforts at the polls. So much so that Right to Rise has an entire website dedicated to Rubio’s “many excuses for not doing his job.” This time, however, they’ve taken a much larger approach to bury the Rubio campaign. After all, Bush’s individual efforts to relate to voters with male impulseskilling baby Hitler, rap music and technology haven’t gone so well. Maybe a hip, contemporary cover of a 50-year-old song will do the trick.

It won’t, but the video could be a blessing in disguise for the embattled Republican candidate. Why, you ask? Because it never identifies the dancer, which begs the question — is that you, Jeb?

(Via Gawker)