Jeb Bush On Oregon Shooting: ‘Stuff Happens’

Presidential hopeful Jeb Bush had some interesting thoughts on the tragic shooting that happened in Oregon yesterday. While President Obama has used the event to talk about the need for stricter gun laws—and no, he doesn’t care if you think he has an agenda—Bush had a much more zen reaction when asked about the events that occurred yesterday during a media event in South Carolina: “Stuff happens.”

If you think you read that incorrectly, you don’t need to get your eyes checked. Here’s the full quote from Bush:

Did he get that off a T-shirt at an airport gift shop?

Here’s what’s worse, though: Bush was invited to correct himself by a reporter and when asked if his suggestion that “stuff happens” was in error, he actually went on the defensive, claiming that he’d never made a mistake while speaking:

Here’s a transcript of the conversation, via Wonkette:

REPORTER: Was “stuff happens” a mistake?

BUSH: No, it wasn’t a mistake. I said exactly what I said. Why would you — explain to me what I said wrong.

REPORTER: Well, you said “stuff happens.”

BUSH: Things happen all the time. Things. Is that better?

Not really. Well, unless he’s trying to appeal to a voter base that wants to deal with serious issues by throwing their hands up in the air and saying ‘oh well!” If that’s what he’s going for, he’s doing really, really well.

(Via Wonkette)