Watch This Jeep Owner Destroy His Ride In An Off-Roading Attempt Gone Horribly Wrong

“He must do that a lot, ‘cuz he ain’t scared to f*cking get stuck or anything,” voice overs the guy filming this video of a Jeep dude who drives his Jeep right into the dang ocean. “Ooooh he’s gonna get stuck,” squeals his lady friend, as the Jeep almost immediately seems to bite off more than it can chew. Voice over guy remains confident, though: “No, he won’t, he’ll make it out of there. He’ll make it out of there!”

His attitude quickly changes, however, when it becomes abundantly clear that he’s not, in fact, going to “make it out there,” and the driver’s attempts to get himself out of the situation only get him stuck in the muddy waters even deeper, just as the tide is about to roll in. (Language gets pretty NSFW.)

Welp, it seemed like a nice Jeep while it lasted. Or as Burnsy, our resident former Jeep owner says: “Brings new meaning to the phrase ‘Jeep wave.’ Am I right fellow, Jeep enthusiasts?”