The Woman With The World-Famous Instagram Butt Gives Rare Video Interview

Senior Pop Culture Editor
01.17.14 25 Comments

jen selter

Jen Selter is famous for the most predictable of reasons in an entirely new way. Her undeniable attractiveness made her a pseudo-celebrity, which is the old, but her “fanbase” is made up of nearly-two million followers on Instagram. That’s the new; it’s also why she sat down with Barcroft Media to discuss her butt.

“It’s a pretty wild adventure, and I am really enjoying it,” she told Barcroft, “but soon I would really like to spread my brand around the world as far as possible.” (Via)

I hate to burst your brand butt bubble, but…actually, there is no butt. I just wanted to say “burst your brand butt bubble.” If all else fails, Jen, you’ve got the title a dirty tongue-twisters book right there.

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