Matthew Perry And Matt LeBlanc Weren’t Invited To Jennifer Aniston’s Wedding

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Last week we all breathed a deep sigh of relief for the return of love when Jennifer Aniston married Justin Theroux, her fiancee of nearly three years, in a super secret wedding ceremony at the couple’s Bel Air home. We already knew that Lisa Kudrow was in attendance as well as Courteney Cox, who was reportedly the maid of honor. But unlike her 2000 wedding to Brad Pitt, this time she did not invite all of her former Friends costars, as Matthew Perry and Matt LeBlanc both said they got shut out.

Can you blame the lady? I mean just look at those two jokers up there. What is that shirt even 2002 Matt LeBlanc? Jennifer Aniston ain’t got time for that. Both Perry and LeBlanc spoke with ET however, and neither of them seem offended by the slight.

“I was surprised,” Perry said when ET asked about Aniston’s wedding. “I didn’t know about it.” Even though he wasn’t invited, the 45-year-old actor says he was still “very happy for them.”

As LeBlanc, 48, wasn’t there either, his thoughts didn’t differ much from his pal’s – but he did seem to know a bit more about the party. “I wasn’t there, so I wish her the best,” he said of Aniston, explaining that the wedding “was small,” which is most likely why he wasn’t invited.

He did, however, promise that nothing is wrong between him and Aniston. “Everybody is OK,” he told ET. “The girls were there. You’ve got to have the girls there.”

We still have yet to hear from David Schwimmer on whether he was invited to the Aniston-Theroux wedding, which… LOL. I think we all know the answer to that question. Sorry, Ross.

(Via ET via USA Today)