What You Need To Know About Jennifer Lawrence And Amy Schumer’s Friendship

In a move that set the internet all aflutter, Amy Schumer and Jennifer Lawrence became friends earlier this year, and we’ve been collectively writing a lot about it ever since. But how did they become so close? For those who haven’t been paying attention to blog posts everywhere or missed our up-to-date coverage of Schumer-Lawrence news, here are some of their best moments over the past few months.

J-Law first reached out to A-misch (is that a nickname? Eh I’m gonna make it if not) after loving her movie Trainwreck and joined her on vacation with her friends (where Schumer may or may not have looked like Lawrence’s “coach“). Since then, the pair have become closer and talk about how much they “need each other.” They’ve included other quirky, pop culture icons Chris Pratt and Aziz Ansari in their goings-on. Schumer and Lawrence have also been strong proponents of women’s empowerment and ending gender bias in the entertainment industry and beyond.

Most recently, the two announced they are working on a no-boys screenplay together. All we need is the movie to star Ronda Rousey and be about WWE Divas for us here at Uproxx to really freak our geek out. For now, we can just settle for seeing the final Hunger Games movie and waiting for the next season of Inside Amy Schumer.

What’s your favorite Jennifer Lawrence-Amy Schumer moment?