Jennifer Lawrence & Chloë Grace Moretz Were IMDb’s Most-Viewed Stars In 2013, For Some Reason

So, this is kind of weird: Jennifer Lawrence and Chloë Grace Moretz were the “most popular movie stars of 2013 on IMDb,” according to the Wrap. The rankings were determined by page views, which is where the weirdness comes in. How did IMDb convince Google to have “how old is chloe grace moretz?” redirect to their site?

Elsewhere in the top-10, Leonardo DiCaprio and Ryan Gosling are the most popular males, followed by Tom Hardy. Anna Kendrick placed sixth, above the fill-in-the-blank triumvirate of Johnny Depp, Henry Cavill, and Chris Hemsworth, the human versions of THIS SPACE SHOULD BE BLANK. Beignet Lumberbadge rounds out the list.

The IMDb Top 10 Stars of 2013:
1. Jennifer Lawrence
2. Chloë Grace Moretz
3. Leonardo DiCaprio
4. Ryan Gosling
5. Tom Hardy
6. Anna Kendrick
7. Johnny Depp
8. Henry Cavill
9. Chris Hemsworth
10. Benedict Cumberbatch

The IMDb Top 10 Emerging Stars of 2013*
1. Charlie Hunnam (#14 overall)
2. Nicholas Hoult (#26 overall)
3. Paul Walker (#61 overall)
4. Shailene Woodley (#64 overall)
5. Aaron Paul (#66 overall)
6. Karl Urban (#69 overall)
7. Logan Lerman (#73 overall)
8. Rebel Wilson (#75 overall)
9. Natalie Dormer (#85 overall)
10. Dave Franco (#86 overall)

Paul Walker as an “emerging” star? I’d say that’s a burn, but…y’know. I’m sorry. Here’s a Natalie Dormer GIF.

(via Getty Image, via the Wrap)