Jennifer Lawrence Had A Predictably Perfect Reaction To The Comic-Con Throngs

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07.20.13 3 Comments

Being Jennifer Lawrence at Comic-Con has to be equal parts horrifying and flattering. On one hand, all the men want to be with her and all the women want to be friends with her, and not even gossip about her behind her back. On the other, SHE’S JENNIFER LAWRENCE. People have killed for less than to be within her immediate presence.

Lawrence, along with other actors who don’t matter, took part in the Hunger Games: Catching Fire Comic-Con panel earlier today, and as evidenced by the photo below, taken during the press line, she knows there are millions of nerds and geeks alike who are about to explode at the mere sight of her. Chill out, guys. She’s taken. (By me.)

((Not really.)) (((Except in my diary.))) ((((They’re terrifying.))))

Here’s the Catching Fire trailer.

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